Make a donation to Wellingborough & Rushden Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats rely on small donations from individuals like you. We don’t have the big business or trade union cash the other parties can count on, especially at a local level. You can help us achieve the changes we all care about by standing for election, delivering leaflets, canvassing voters or making phone calls. But you can also help by making a donation.

Your donation will make a real difference.

    Make a one-off donation

The easiest way to make a donation is online through GoCardless, which has lower fees making sure more of your money goes on campaigning. To make a donation click on one of the buttons below:

Donate £10 Donate £20 Donate £50 Donate £100 Donate £200 Donate £500

The links above will process your donation through the payment provider GoCardless who will set up a Direct Debit, even though it is a one-off donation. This is because fees are lower than taking donations through a credit card, which means more of your money goes where it’s needed. Donating is a simple online process and there are no forms to sign. Your payment is also protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. [/rescue_column]

    Make a regular monthly donation

You can also support our campaigning by making a regular monthly donation through GoCardless, which allows us to plan out our campaigns across the whole year rather than just at election times. This means that a monthly direct debit will be set up, although this can be cancelled at at time.

To set up a monthly direct debit, please click one of the following options:

Set up a regular donation of £5 per month Set up a regular donation of £10 per month Set up a regular donation of £15 per month Set up a regular donation of £20 per month Set up a regular donation of £50 per month

Your regular monthly payment is also protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

    Do you prefer to donate by cash or cheque?

Donations can also be made by cash or by cheques payable to “Kettering and Wellingborough Liberal Democrats”.

To make a donation this way, please send your donation alongside your full name and address (in case we need to check that you are a registered UK voter) to the following address:

Wellingborough & Rushden Liberal Democrats
3 Glebe Farm Court
Wilby Lane
Great Doddington
NN29 7TP

Who is allowed to donate to us?

  • Donations to political parties are regulated by the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000.
  • Anybody can donate up to £500 in any one calendar year. The Liberal Democrats only accept donations over £500 from permissable donors (these include individuals on the UK electoral register and companies incorporated within the EU, as well as a few other categories).
  • If you make donations to the Liberal Democrats totalling more than £1,500 in any calendar year, we are required to report them to the Electoral Commission, who, depending on the amount, may publish the fact that you have donated to us. Addresses of individuals are never published.
  • More information is available on the Electoral Commission’s website