About Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson – Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Wellingborough & Rushden constituency

Parliamentary Candidate for Wellingborough & Rushden constituency

Chris Nelson lives in Rushden and teaches Chemistry at a secondary school. As a teacher, Chris is passionate about giving everyone a fair start in life.

Chris was born and brought up in Kettering and has degrees in law and science from Oxford Brookes University and the Open University. Having previously spent a short time working in politics, Chris worked in a local secondary school in a support role for several years before completing teacher training himself. Chris stood for Wellingborough & Rushden constituency at the 2015 General Election.

As someone with a stammer, Chris is motivated by his personal experiences of growing up with a disability, both at school and in the workplace. Chris is determined to speak up for other people with disabilities and those who have to face up to little acts of discrimination in their everyday lives. In Parliament, he would vote to defend the Human Rights Act and resist Conservative attempts to water down workers’ rights. Chris is also a firm advocate of LGBT+ rights – in stark opposition to sitting Conservative MP Peter Bone – supporting equal marriage, opposing the transgender ‘spousal veto’ and pushing for full recognition of the needs of LGBT+ people both at home and abroad.

Chris passionately campaigned for a Remain vote in the European Union referendum and spoke to many people who said they were voting Leave for a range of different reasons, yet very few wanted this extreme version of Brexit that Theresa May wants to impose. The Conservatives have called this early election as they are afraid that the British people will not like the final deal. Chris passionately believes that the future of our country should not be stitched up in smoke filled rooms but be decided by giving us all a final vote, with the option to accept the deal or to stick with what we have.

Locally, Chris wants to make sure that our towns are no longer forgotten but instead wants to see Wellingborough lead the way in regenerating its light industry by embracing a high-tech green economy, giving good quality jobs and safeguarding further education. To do this we must first  make sure our schools are delivering for young people, by reversing Tory cuts and promoting good quality vocational education, as well as ensuring ensure that there is proper investment in health and social care to look after everyone in our society.